LumbarProX™️ Back Brace - Medical Back Pain + Spinal Therapy Belt
LumbarProX™️ Back Brace - Medical Back Pain + Spinal Therapy Belt
LumbarProX™️ Back Brace - Medical Back Pain + Spinal Therapy Belt

LumbarProX™️ Back Brace - Medical Back Pain + Spinal Therapy Belt


Medical Back Brace for Quick + Effective Pain Relief

The LumbarProX™️ Back Brace provides effective back pain relief anywhere you go.

It is a non invasive & cost effective alternative to surgery for chronic lower back pain.

Powerful & effective back pain relief is available with the new LPX Back Brace. 

The LPX Back Brace is shaped to match the natural curve of the spine. This eliminates stress on lower back while minimizing risk of injury.

We understand that everyone's body is different. Our compound pulley system allows complete customization of decompression applied to your back.

The pulley amplifies your force and makes it easy to apply decompression with little effort.

Decompression can :

- Eliminate Chronic Back Pain

- Rest Spine & Align Back

- Correct + Improve Posture

- Minimize Stress to Allow Proper Healing

- Prevent Future Injuries

- Stops Spread of Pain


It works by applying pressure around the abdomen to take pressure off of your lower back & spine.

By taking pressure off of weaker areas, you provide injured areas the means to heal itself. 

Applying decompression lessens the stress & strain of everyday activities which may spread or worsen back pain. 

The LPX Back Brace limits harmful motion which minimizes risk of injury and maintains proper posture.

Improper posture places upper body weight directly on the discs and causes back pain.

The LPX Back Brace can be used for : 

- Everyday Relief

- Heavy Lifting

- Long Drives 

- Office Work

- Low Contact Sports

- Household Chores

- Gardening

Don't Let Back Pain Spread.

Back pain that is not treated can spread or intensify.

Giving your body the right tools to heal itself is crucial for proper healing.

The LPX Back Brace provides quick + effective back pain relief.

It also allows your body to heal itself so that eventually you will no longer need it.

Purchase the LPX Back Brace today to relieve your back pain.



Size Waist Measurement
S/M 29" - 39" (76cm - 100cm)
L/XL 35" - 44" (90cm - 113cm)

NeckProX Can Help With

  • Herniated / Slipped Discs
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Neck Arthritis
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Neck Spasms
  • Stiff Neck
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sore Neck

Three Level Support

3 Level customizable back support for all types of back pain. Easily configure your belt for your back. 

Back Support Plate

Large back plate to increase surface area. Provides the perfect amount of support to allow your back to heal itself.

Power Pulley System

Easily tighten and loosen the belt with a compound pulley system. The pulley magnifies your strength to provide the perfect amount of compression.

Portable Relief

The LumbarProX Back Brace does not require any additional power or tools.  Fast + effective pain relief while on the go. Lightweight and easily packable.

What Can You Expect?

The LPX Back Brace provides instant back pain relief.

Muscles and ligaments around your spinal cord can become tight and tense due to years of stress and compression. 

Using the LPX Back Brace can reverse these effects by putting your spine in a position to heal itself.

This results in pain relief by providing spinal support to take stress off of your bones, muscles, and nerves.

Our aim is to provide a non surgical solution to relieve back pain + prevent future injuries effectively.

The LPX™️ Back Brace Can:

  • Eliminate Back Pain
  • Prevent Worsening Symptoms
  • Decompress Joints To Decrease Pain
  • Minimize Risk of Injury
  • Heal Damaged Tissue
  • Eliminate Muscle Spasms
  • Restore Range of Motion
  • Improve Back Stiffness
  • Take Pressure Off Unstable Areas

Why LumbarProX?

Free Worldwide Express Shipping

So you can relieve your back pain immediately.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our customer support team works for you. If you are unsatisfied, we will return the full purchase amount back to you.

One Year Full Warranty

If anything happens to your LumbarProX Back Brace, we'll replace it for free.

LumbarProX Is FDA Approved

FDA approval means that our product has been proven safe and effective for back pain relief.

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