Spinal Traction Device

LumbarProX Back Pain Relief

Pain Management

LumbarProX might help:
Eliminate Back Pain
Fix Spinal Alignment
Decompress Vertebrae
Heal Damaged Tissue
Eliminate Muscle Spasms
Restore Range of Motion
Improve Back Stiffness
Increase Mobility

Spinal Issues

LumbarProX can treat:
Herniated Discs/Slipped Discs
Sciatica/Nerve Pain in legs
Degenerative Disc Disease
Nervous Disorders
Pinched Nerves
Bone Spurs
Facet Disease
Foraminal Stenosis

Why LumbarProX

Professional Medical-Grade Device for back discomfort in the form of dull aches, sharp pains, or muscle spasms by sitting long, traveling frequently, playing sports, or experiencing pain from repeated wear & tear.

Science-Backed Recovery

Improved blood circulation and cellular activation result in fast deep-tissue healing. We aim to provide a nonsurgical solution to fix back problems quickly. Other products like posture correctors can provide temporary relief but weaken your back over time. We aim to provide a nonsurgical solution to fix back problems quickly.

Intelligent Spinal Traction

Utilizes decompression therapy to instantly relieve pain and correct spinal issues. A non surgical method to solve acute + chronic pain and heal the spine.

Dual Motor Vibrating Massage

Two built-in motors work to relax muscles for an increased range of motion. Improves blood circulation to aid recovery from muscle soreness.

Adjustable Thermal Therapy

Variable temperature control ranging from 45°C - 65°C. Heat allows body to effectively heal damaged tissue and muscles.

Red Light Phototherapy

Uses Infrared light to initiate deep tissue repair. Faster pain relief through cellular repair + replication.

Quality Componenets

LumbarProX LumbarProX uses four technologies and quality components to take pressure off your spine and pinched nerves,

FDA Registered & Reviewed

Providing pain relief and increased back mobility with lasting, permanent results after two weeks.

Distribution Enquiries

Operated by Califronia-based Isutopia LLC, we welcome inquiries from medical device distributors across United States,Email: sales@lumbarprox.comPhone: (415) 733-9330

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